Caribbeans In Europe: Bradley Bubb

This is the first piece of our Caribbeans In Europe series – here the focus is on Grenada and Aldershot Town frontman Bradley Bubb…

Picture credit for this article’s featured image: Flickr.

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Bradley Bubb (right) made his Grenada debut in 2010. (pic credit: elwriteback)

Note: In our Caribbeans In Europe (CIE) series, we shall be focusing on players who ply their trade in Europe and reporting back on how they’re getting on. 

Bubb was indeed born and bred in England, having grown up in Harrow. He qualifies for Grenada as his parents are from the island, so much of his early years as a footballer were spent in England.

The 24-year-old has played for eight different clubs, and spent last season on loan to Eastleigh – who play their football in the deeper oceans of English football. Bubb got shipped out on loan following a poor 2011 season with Aldershot, as he didn’t net a single goal in just the nine appearances he was handed.

Bubb has came on significantly, though, since his early days when he was let go by QPR. Between 2006 and 2008, the no.12 netted 52 goals in 82 matches for Chalfont St Peter – attracting some interest from coaches in the higher divisions.

Although with the Spice Boyz he is yet to really make a mark – he’s only got eight caps under his belt but with more game time under national side coach Mike Adams, he could prove the doubters wrong.

If he can cement a spot in Aldershot’s first team for next season, following that impressive loan spell last campaign, then the future could be a whole lot brighter for Bradley Bubb.


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