‘Paradise’ – now that’s a real football name

A selection of some of the best named football clubs in the Caribbean…

First and foremost, I genuinely never thought I’d be typing an article which looks at the names of various football clubs in the Caribbean. However, after conversing with Alex Stewart and Sam Diss on Twitter about weird and wonderful club names – it suddenly became apparent that indeed there are quite a lot in this region. It was this that prompted me to produce a list – aided by some considerable research – and believe me there are some absolute corkers…

2013 Barbados Premier League action (courtesy of Barbados Soccer Network Facebook Page)

Paradise – Barbados

Background information: Located on the south part of the island, Paradise’s glory days are long gone. Playing in the top division in Barbados, they last clinched the league title in 2003 and since haven’t been able to make a renaissance. In the 2013 campaign, they finished 6th (mid table mediocrity), five adrift of Notre Dame.

Name rating: 7/10. A beautiful name, but there’s one in Grenada, too, somewhat taking away its exclusivity.

Placencia Assassins – Belize

Background information: Truth be told, I’ve cheated a little here. Belize, technically, isn’t situated in the Caribbean but surely it would be churlish to overlook such a fabulous name: Placencia Assassins. Crowned domestic champions three years ago, the Assassins play their football at the Placencia Football Field which holds around 1,000 people. Belize national skipper Dalton Eiley is the side’s main man.

Name rating: 8/10. Pretty awesome but just a shame Belize isn’t technically in the Caribbean.

Positive Vibes – US Virgin Islands

Background information: There are two leagues in the US Virgin Islands: the St Croix Soccer League and the St Thomas League. Positive Vibes look to play upbeat football in the latter, along with three other competing sides. The winners of each league lock horns in a deciding match which determines who claims the US Virgin Islands Championship. Last year, the club’s rivals New Vibes ousted them on penalties to grab the headlines.

Name rating: 8/10. There’d never be a downbeat dressing room, would there?

Garden Hotspurs – St Kitts and Nevis

Background information: Nicknamed the Spurs, they have a relatively large fan base with their stadium – The Garden – holding up to 5,000 spectators. Incidentally, the ground was officially opened in the summer of 2001 by ex-Manchester United and England hero Sir Bobby Charlton.  ‘Make The Best Better’ is the club motto. Check out their impressively designed website.

Name rating: 7/10. Tottenham fans will beg to differ that there’s only one ‘Spurs’, but credit to Garden for flying the ‘Hotspur’ flag in St Kitts.

Humble Lions’ striker Kevin Mighty (second right) drives forward (courtesy of Jamaica Star)

Humble Lions – Jamaica

Background information: Founded in 1974 as a team of Rastafarians, Humble Lions were promoted to the Jamaican top-flight for the very first time only five seasons ago. In the summer of 2011, they invested wisely in personnel and progress has been impressive since. Manager Lenworth Hyde’s men, at the time of writing, operate 3rd spot in the league. Finally, their president is actually a politician, Mike Henry.

Name rating: 7/10. Different, for sure, but needs something more extravagant to warrant a higher rating.

Silver Shattas – Guyana

Background information: It was hard to narrow it down to just one for Guyana because ‘Young Achievers’, ‘Western Tigers’ and ‘Mahaica Determinators’ are equally commendable names. Just eight rounds in, Silver Shattas are placed second from bottom with a paltry seven points. Play resumes on 02/02/2014.

Name rating: 7.5/10. Difficult to decide between 7 or 8. A catchy name but the shine is taken off with their current miserable standing in the league.

Sunset FC – Cayman Islands

Background information: Formed in 1982, Sunset FC is one of the oldest football clubs in the Cayman Islands. Under the astute management of Gareth Thacker, they reigned victorious in the league for the first time in 28 years, losing just one game all season. That’s some achievement, right? As things stand this campaign, Sunset sit in 5th with their last outing on Christmas Eve. And what an outing it was, thrashing Academy SC 0-5 away from home. Their website is bang up to date.

Name rating: 6/10. Nice and bright, but lagging behind in comparison to others.

Happy Hill – Grenada

Background information: There was fresh optimism ahead of the new 2013 season with a new badge, and Happy Hill aren’t doing too badly lying in 6th place with 20 points. The team are well safe of relegation but have recorded just five wins this season, something they’ll need to address if they want to push up the table. For now, they appear happy the way they are.

Name rating: 6/10. Alliteration helps it roll off the tongue but there isn’t enough edge. Just over half marks seems fair.


Sunset FC 2012-13 squad (courtesy of Sunset FC Official Website)

By Nathan Carr


*Please bare in mind all ratings are independently made up by The Home of Caribbean Football and this does not reflect any club’s reputation, performance or status in any way

*Also note this is just a selection – other names missed out may well feature in a similar type of article in the future

Hope you enjoyed reading. Until next time, hit us up on Twitter @caribbeanftbl


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