Your chance to donate to the ‘Used Soccer Boots Program’

Find out how you can contribute old, used football boots to disadvantaged children in Grenada, a great initiative designed by the Grenada Football Association President Cheney Joseph…

One pair of adequate football boots which you don’t currently use, could go a long way to making a Grenadian child happy. (courtesy of Pitchero.Com)

The ‘Used Soccer Boots Program’ is a recently set up project, created by the GFA President Cheney Joseph – who I spoke to on Twitter about this initiative. Immediately after speaking with him I appreciated how important this program is for young Grenadian kids who are too poor to afford their own boots.

Every youngster deserves to kick a ball around and without adequate footwear it makes doing so a lot harder. We often take boots for granted but not everyone is fortunate enough to own a pair. So where do you come into it?

It’s really rather straightforward: if you have (or know of anyone who might) a pair of boots that you don’t use anymore and they’re just sitting there doing nothing – then you can do a good thing and donate them to kids between the ages of 6-17 on the island. As long as they are in good condition and you can play adequately in them – irrespective of their brand, color or ‘special’ features – then they’ll do. And they’ll make a young child a very happy person indeed.

For readers from the US, the Grenada FA has released the following address on their website:

Donations should be addressed as follows: 

Grenada Football Association
Used Soccer Boots Program
Attention to: Mr. Ivan Osorio
Warehouse Manager, (CONCACAF)
CONCACAF Office Address: 
1000 5th Street, Suite 400
Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Or alternatively you can send your donation(s) to the GFA address:

Grenada Football Association
National Stadium
Queen’s Park
St. George’s
Telephone: 473 440 9903

For keen contributors based in the UK/Canada, the GFA has explained: “We are currently working on addresses in the United Kingdom and Canada and will be providing you with those addresses as they become available.” 

We’ll provide the update on these addresses as soon as we get them, most likely via our Twitter feed @caribbeanftbl.

Of course, it’s your decision as to whether you donate. No-one is forcing you into anything but instead of letting used boots go to waste, why not give them to someone else who really needs them. It isn’t too much to ask for.

By Nathan Carr


*Note: Any issues then please contact the website or Twitter @caribbeanftbl, as well as @CheneyJoseph or @GrenadaFootball


2 thoughts on “Your chance to donate to the ‘Used Soccer Boots Program’

  1. I would like to donate kids football boots I am based in the UK, can you please confirm where I can send them too???

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