Carib Young Stars

|| Carib Young Stars is a project series, inaugurated in 2015, profiling the hottest young football talent within the Caribbean. I wanted to create a platform that could give greater exposure to many of the young talented Caribbean players playing domestically and abroad, making more people aware of the rich and often raw footballing ability that exists across the region. ||


2015 (foreword by Jason Roberts, published on Scribd)


A screenshot from 2015 Carib Young Stars – specifically the profile of Grenada’s Jamal Ray Charles – on Scribd. (pic credit: Scribd)

2016 (foreword by Shaka Hislop, published on YouTube)


A screenshot from 2016 Carib Young Stars on YouTube. (pic credit: The Home of Caribbean Football’s YouTube Channel)

Where Are They Now? Series

2015 – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

2016 – To come.

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