If you would like to get in touch with me, then please use the following contact methods listed below.

Email: caribbeanfootball at hotmail dot co dot uk / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat: ‘caribbeanftbl’


Although the majority of the content is produced by myself, I’ve received and published guest articles in the past and continue to welcome submissions related to Caribbean football – whether you’re an amateur blogger or an established writer. Simply use the contact methods listed above.

People who have written for THOCF – whether that be a general article, profile or match review – at some point since its creation (in no particular order): Santokie Nagulendran, Simon Preston, Jason Lawrence, Jon Arnold, Terry Finisterre, Nick Maitland, Malaika Church, Machel Turner, Antoine Furet, James Truscott, Mike Buytas, Charles Boehm, Eric Gomez, Duane Rollins, Austin Fido, Gilberto Bernard, Dan Rawley, Rich Nelson, Josh Lawless, Nicholas McGee, Nick Warrick, Aldo Mercedes, Callum Farrell and Corey Stein.

That’s 24 people altogether.