National Manager Posts

|| Here is a list of the CFU nations’ respective manager positions, showing those currently with coaches and those with vacancies. Some federations have technical directors to assist the coaches, which have been included. This is for Men’s Senior National Teams and updated as much as possible. Key > M: Manager, TD: Technical Director, P: President of FA. ||

  • Anguilla – M: Nigel Linton TD: Colin Johnson P: Raymond Guishard 
  • Antigua & Barbuda  – M/TD: Rolston Williams P: Everton Gonsalves
  • Aruba – M: Rini Coolen P: Richard Dijkoff
  • Bahamas – M: Dion Godet TD: Garry Markham P: Anton Sealey
  • Barbados – M: Colin Harewood TD: Ahmed Mohamed P: Randy Harris
  • Bermuda – M: Andrew Bascome TD: Maurice Lowe P: Mark Wade
  • Bonaire – M: Rudsel Sint Jago P: Ludwig L. Balentin
  • British Virgin Islands – M: Avondale Williams TD: Marcos Falopa P: Andrew Bickerton
  • Cayman Islands – M: Alexander Gonzalez TD: Renard Moxam P: Lee Ramoon
  • Cuba – M: Idalberto Raúl Mederos P: Luis Hernandez
  • Curacao – M: Remko Bicentini P: Rignaal Francisca
  • Dominica – M: Rajesh Latchoo TD: Jerome Bardouille P: Glen Etienne
  • Dominican Republic – M: Juan Emilio Mojica P: Osiris Guzman
  • French Guiana – M: Jaïr Karam P: Marcel Bafau
  • Grenada – M: Ashley Folkes TD: Vin Blaine P: Cheney Joseph
  • Guadeloupe M: Gérard Andy P: Joseph Sene
  • Guyana M: Wayne Dover (interim) TD: Ian Greenwood P: Wayne Forde
  • Haiti – M: Jean Claude Josaphat P: Yves Jean-Bart
  • Jamaica – M: Theodore Whitmore P: Captain Horace Burrell
  • Martinique – M: Jean-Marc Civault P: Samuel Pereau
  • Montserrat – M: Lenny Hewlett P: Vincent Cassell
  • Puerto Rico – M: Carlos García Cantarero P: Eric Labrador
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis – M: Jacques Passy TD: Lenny Lake P: Anthony Johnson
  • Saint Lucia – M: Francis Lastic TD: Cyril “Ces” Podd P: Lyndon Cooper
  • Saint-Martin – M: Unspecified P: Fabrice Baly
  • Saint Vincent & the Grenadines – M: Wade Jackson TD: Keith Ollivierre P: Venold Coombs
  • Sint Maarten M: Dwayne Wright P: Sudesh Singh
  • Suriname – M: Roberto Gödeken TD: Ronald Shank P: John Krishnadath
  • Trinidad & Tobago – M: Dennis Lawrence TD: Muhammad Isa P: David John-Williams
  • Turks & Caicos Islands – M/TD: Darren Meehan P: Sonia Bien-Aime
  • United States Virgin Islands – M/TD: P: Hillaren Frederick

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